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February 16, 2022
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My dearest Headless Horsepeople,

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween/pagan rites/Dia de los Muertos/All Souls celebrations. We’re transitioning to winter soon and officially at the top of the roller coaster pointed directly downhill at Christmas. Starbucks probably has the fucking red cups out already!!

I finally finished my latest long form post! It’s about Adolph Sutro, a Gilded Age philanthropist who built a lot of cool shit in San Francisco. It’s also about a hillside forest that is named for him where many people committed suicide back in the day. YEAH. You didn’t think it would be just about BUILDING PROJECTS, did you??

Sutro Forest is right behind my house, which is how I came to this story. My kids called it the Magic Forest when they were little, it’s such a cool space. Adolph Sutro planted these trees over a hundred years ago. The Western edge of my property line is the old boundary wall for Sutro’s vast expanse of land. He owned everything from Stanyan Street to the Pacific Ocean - which is wild!! He also bought his much younger mistress a house in my neighborhood which - rich dudes haven’t changed so much, have they? Cheers to Cole Valley!

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News of the Creep

I have been saving these links up for you guys for awhile . . .enjoy!

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